Industry-Proven Standalone Solution, Created by Engineers to Simplify Electrical Design

CADISON Electrical & Instrumentation Designer empowers your every project with its consolidated, feature-rich technology and seamless UI for
the Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering Design. A comprehensive standalone solution for Schematic & Control Designs, 3D Cable Trays & Panel Layouts, Conduits & Trenches, Cable Scheduler, Report Generation, Bill of Materials (BOMs) and Material Take-offs (MTO). Its unique capability of Revision Control & Change Management, along with customizable Logic Analyzer, makes it a preferred choice for projects of all scales and complexity. With intelligent features and easy to use functionality it facilitates the accurate drawing creation and high-quality deliverables for successful completion of project.

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Intelligent Electrical Schematics

Create intelligent schematics like SLDs, circuit diagrams, panel layouts, terminal diagrams, etc.

Revision Control & Change Management

Quick and effective feature to instantly update any changes/modification for error-free deliverables

Quality Checking Tool - Logic Analyzer

Built-in ‘Logic Analyzer’ feature with pre-defined/customizable check routines to track errors



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Learn more about how CADISON E&I Designer can help you to simplify the entire Electrical Design & Engineering Process that helps in delivering projects faster and error-free.

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