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CADISON E&I Designer 2021 is Released

Bad Soden am Taunus, 21 April 2021

ITandFactory GmbH (ITF) proudly announces the release of CADISON E&I Designer Release 2021. It has been developed with a mission of improving the electrical engineering efficiency and focusing more on project lifecycle challenges like change management, centralized documentation process, real-time updates, and true unification of information & data with graphics.

As a basis for the new release, the developers have analyzed and understood the customer demands and wish lists and implemented many useful and interesting enhancements that includes new template for Single Line Diagrams, Support for latest AutoCAD 2022, new Symbol Palette and bug fixes.

AutoCAD 2022 Support
CADISON E&I Designer Release 2021 now supports AutoCAD 2022, AutoCAD 2021 and also the AutoCAD 2020. The detailed system requirements for CADISON E&I Designer Release 2021 are available in system requirement section.

New Symbol Palette for quick drag and drop of Electrical symbols
CADISON E&I Designer not only comes the huge library of intelligent industry standard symbols and tools, but also has Object Manager and the Menu & Ribbon tools that help you in easy placement of objects & symbols in the drawing. With this new release, E&I Designer enhance these features further. For symbols that are frequently used in SLDs, schematics and other 2D drawings, a new Symbol Palette is also available in this release, which updates automatically with the change of graphic keys for quick access of relevant symbols and helps in quick drag and drop the objects in the drawing. Users can also add custom symbols in this new Tool Palette.

New default drawing template for Single Line Diagrams
One can now quickly start working with the SLDs directly by selecting the newly added drawing template for SLDs. This will reduce the time required for switching between different drawing types and Graphic keys.

Users can explore many more exciting features once they start working with CADISON E&I Designer 2021. A trial version is available for users on E&I Designer website.

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