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Unveiling E&I Electrical Designer 2024: A Leap Forward in Electrical Design Solution

Bad Soden am Taunus, Germany, May 2024

ITandFactory GmbH, a leading provider of innovative engineering software solutions, is proud to unveil the latest version of E&I Electrical Designer – Release 2024. Packed with cutting-edge features and functionalities, this new release is set to elevate the electrical design experience for professionals across industries.

“Celebrating innovation and progress, the release of E&I Electrical Designer 2024 marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of electrical design. With its advanced features and enhanced compatibility, our software empowers engineers and designers to navigate the complexities of modern projects with confidence and efficiency. At ITandFactory GmbH we're committed to driving industry excellence and supporting our clients on their journey towards success in the digital era”, said
Mr. Ajit Joshi, Managing Director, ITandFactory GmbH.


What’s new in E&I Electrical Designer 2024?

Improved System Compatibility:

Built over the latest AutoCAD OEM graphics engine, E&I Electrical Designer 2024 is now compatible with latest Microsoft Windows 11 operating system – with 64-bit support.

Seamless 3D PDF Export:

E&I Electrical Designer 2024 introduces an intuitive 3D PDF Export feature, allowing users to effortlessly convert intricate 3D models into PDF format. This feature is especially useful when sharing 3D models with metadata with non-CAD users, as it allows them to view and interact with the designs without requiring any specialized software.

User Friendly Web based view of Model for collaboration:

Using E&I Electrical Designer 2024 users can export drawings to the glTF formats. The glTF format is optimized for online use web viewers in the web browsers, which means that 3D models exported to glTF can be easily viewed and shared online, without losing the design intent. It revolutionizes the way engineers and designers showcase their designs online for collaboration with performance.

Enhanced Collaboration with Publish:

E&I Electrical Designer 2024 includes a new feature called “Publish”, which allows users to publish engineering data & Drawings to a central repository for easy access and collaboration. It offers a sophisticated list of available file formats, making it easier & efficient for users to create, store, and share documents across multiple platforms.

In conclusion, the release of E&I Electrical Designer 2024 represents a significant milestone in the realm of electrical design. With enhanced compatibility, intuitive features like 3D PDF Export and glTF format support, and improved collaboration capabilities through the Publish feature, our software is poised to revolutionize the way engineers and designers approach their projects. At ITandFactory GmbH, we remain committed to driving innovation and excellence in the industry, empowering our clients to thrive in the digital era.

Experience the future of electrical engineering design by downloading E&I Electrical Designer today from our website. Existing users can upgrade by contacting us at info@enidesigner.com, while new users can embark on a journey of enhanced productivity with our complimentary 7-day trial.

For detailed insights and to access the trial version, visit www.enidesigner.com

About ITandFactory GmbH:

ITandFactory GmbH (a fully owned subsidiary of Neilsoft) is one of the leading solution providers for innovative technologies which help to streamline the challenges of engineering processes. Since inception, our mission has been to develop solutions with a focus on improving engineering. Our aim is to judiciously use our in-depth Experience & Expertise for developing Innovative Engineering Solutions – E&I Electrical Designer, CADISON and Visio P&ID Process Designer, and make it possible for users to work with maximized productivity, less effort, minimal time and at affordable costs. We see ourselves as a committed Solutions Partner for our Users, providing them with a guaranteed high ROI.


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