CADISON E&I Designer Case Studies


Story of shifting to E&I Designer from existing non-intelligent solution

CADISON E&I Designer team, along with customer users, understood, analysed and listed down all the impediments that could have impacted them in the long run like deflect in manufacturing and supply quantity, specifications mismatch, delays in deliverable, multiple revisions of drawing & BOQs and more. Considering this, a suitable solution was proposed making the work easier.

VAMED AG opted for CADISON E&I Designer

VAMED AG further created custom symbols for telephone switchboards, cable tray, circuit diagrams (for Fire Alarm System). This association has been possible because of the continuous efficiency and innovation CADISON E&I Designer brings to our system.

Experience of Substation Design using CADISON E&I Designer

E&I Designer helped in transforming our design process and with this single solution we were able to meet all our needs for creating Single Line Diagrams.

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