Electrical & Instrumentation Designer

Electrical & Instrumentation Design, Schematic and Report Generation Software

A comprehensive standalone solution for Schematic & Control Designs, 3D Cable Trays & Panel Layouts, Conduits & Trenches, Cable Scheduler, Report Generation, Bill of Materials (BOMs) and Material Take-offs (MTO). Revision control & change management capability comes with a centralized object-oriented database that makes the design change(s) process quick, efficient and error-free. The customizable logic analyzer feature allows designers to do quality checks during the design process at the object, drawing and project level.

Intelligent SLDs & Circuit Diagrams with CADISON E&I Designer

  • Develop intelligent schematics (single line diagrams, circuit diagrams, panel layouts, terminal diagrams, etc.) based on key one-line diagram, load list, I/O list, etc.
  • Automatic device tagging and wire numbering in accordance with DIN, ISA and KKS standard
  • Multiple possibilities for project specific wiring style in order to automate tagging system in drawing as well as in reports such as bill of materials (BOM)
  • Dynamic number assignment at the time of drawing creation
  • Built-in quality checking tool (logic analyzer for validation and verification in diagrams)
  • Automatic PLC Drawing from IO list reduces the drafting time for the users
  • Terminal strip editor for rearranging & renumbering of terminals in graphical user interface for Automatic Terminal Drawing creation
  • Automatic generation of legend table with list of symbols representing the objects used in the drawing
  • Easy creation and management of symbols and sub-assemblies for reusability
  • Schematic developed in CADISON E&I Designer can be directly used to perform calculations

Engineering Calculations and Sizing for Basic Engineering

  • Built-in calculations and sizing helps electrical engineers to perform quick calculations while working on drawings
    • Cable sizing calculation (based on users inputs such as rated power, rated voltage, load current, actual current and number of runs required)
    • Transformer sizing calculation (calculate MVA rating of the transformer and voltage drop as per IEC standard 60076)
    • Battery sizing calculation (calculate the capacity of UPS and batteries based on minimal inputs such as list of equipments voltage & current rating, power factor, etc. as per IEE standard 485-1997)
    • Earthing (grounding) calculation (calculates total earth resistance of the system, plant or building)
    • Cable Tray Fill Factor calculation
  • Generate reports for overall sizing activity at the calculation stage
  • Improves productivity by allowing users to do all sizing calculations without creating electrical schematics

3D Cable Tray, Conduit, Trench and Cable Scheduler

  • It enables the users to quickly create/route complex cable trays, conduits and trenches with an intuitive interface
  • Users can assign start (from) and end (to) points of cable in 3D using Cable Scheduler. Cable Tray Capacity (Fill factor) of cable trays can also be obtained from it
  • Built-in intelligence that auto-suggests the next component for routing based on the cursor position in the drawing. As the cursor position changes, the system will identify the possible options and display the appropriate cable tray objects at the tip of the cursor (for e.g. Cable Tray Straight, Left Elbow, Right Elbow, Bend Outside, Bend Inside, etc.) for quick routing
  • User can use standard/ vendor-specific catalogs to fetch the dimensions at the time of routing and deliver accurate MTOs as per the standards or vendor specifications
  • Automatic extraction of BOM for cable tray including connection data, material information and a cable list for the entire 3D project or an individual section

CADISON E&I Designer for Control Panel Design

  • CADISON E&I Designer enables users to do space planning of components for panel layout design
  • Standard catalogs of panels/enclosures are available in CADISON E&I Designer with easy drag and drop functionality for quick 3D layout of panels
  • It enables easy wire routing and error free device mounting with available positions, considering space limitations at a schematic level
  • Users can extract various reports for manufacturing such as wire list, BOM, manufacturing drawings, etc.
  • 3D models of panel design are used to check for collisions in the complete mechanical design, manufacturing and mounting information
  • Intelligent extraction of 2D Section Views from 3D model
  • Facility to add Panel Level BOM in drawing

Automatic Report Generation

  • Ability to generate reports at project, drawing, structure and object level
  • Configurable reports for the list of electrical input/output and automation components
  • Considerable numbers of predefined report formats such as BOM, MTO, cable lists, cable tray lists, etc.
  • Supports Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF
  • Multilingual report generation (Example : English, German)

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