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E&I Electrical Designer - A brand new Standalone Solution has been purpose built for everyone into Electrical Design Engineering domain. Whether you work as an Electrical Design Department Head or a Junior Engineer, our E&I Electrical Designer software is the right choice for you.

Intelligent SLDs & Circuit Diagrams with E&I Electrical Designer

Schematic Diagram created in E&I Electrical Designer
  • Develop intelligent schematics (single line diagrams, circuit diagrams, panel layouts, terminal diagrams, etc.) based on key one-line diagram, load list, I/O list, etc.
  • Automatic device tagging and wire numbering in accordance with DIN, ISA and KKS standard
  • Multiple possibilities for project specific wiring style in order to automate tagging system in drawing as well as in reports such as bill of materials (BOM)
  • Dynamic number assignment at the time of drawing creation
  • Automatic PLC Drawing from IO list reduces the drafting time for the users
  • Terminal strip editor for rearranging & renumbering of terminals in graphical user interface for Automatic Terminal Drawing creation
  • Automatic generation of legend table with list of symbols representing the objects used in the drawing
  • Easy creation and management of symbols and sub-assemblies for reusability
  • Schematic developed in E&I Electrical Designer can be directly used to perform calculations

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