Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does CADISON E&I Designer have a standard set of Catalogs & 2D symbols?

Yes, CADISON E&I Designer has predefined set of symbols and manufacturer’s catalogs (3D), which are required to execute various functionalities.

Question: Is it possible to standardize the catalogs used across the organization and control the subset to be used at the project level?
Question: Is it possible to add the customer or vendor specific symbols?
Question: Which are the various tagging systems available in CADISON E&I Designer?
Question: Is it possible to refer the legacy AutoCAD drawings while working on the project with CADISON E&I Designer?
Question: Is it possible to add the bill of materials (BOM) within the drawing and subsequently generate reports?
Question: Does the software deliver predefined standard report formats (templates)? Is it possible to customize the reports as per company standards or specific to a project?
Question: How can you deliver drawings to the vendors/clients who do not use CADISON E&I Designer?
Question: Is it required to have an external document management system to maintain multiple versions of drawings and user permissions?
Question: Can a solenoid valve be represented in both, the pneumatic as well as the electrical drawing?
Question: Is it possible to change the range of an instrument or component, without changing the component?
Question: Is it possible to lay cable trays with reference to civil structural elements?
Question: How can CADISON E&I Designer support cross-referencing across the drawings?
Question: Who has access to the latest CADISON E&I Designer’s updates and enhancements?
Question: Which versions of AutoCAD are compatible with CADISON E&I Designer?
Question: What are the recommended system requirements for CADISON E&I Designer?

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