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Optimizing Your Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering Process

It is challenging to work with Electrical and instrumentation design in a single platform. Hence Standalone E&I designer makes it possible to achieve the Design of E&I with optimum output.

These industry-proven methods–reinforced in this webinar can improve your global collaborative design processes, and help to deliver the benefits you’re expecting in a faster time to market, increased productivity and lower costs.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • Introduction to the E&I Designer interface.
  • How E&I Designer provides one-stop solution for Design, reports, calculations, and project planning.
  • Key features like different drawing templates, automatic tagging, logic checks, symbol creation, and report generation.
  • SLD being the base of Electrical Design, learn about how to create an intelligent Single Line Diagram, Circuit Diagram, and that how you can drag and drop the objects from one template to another.
  • This webinar also covers the automatic creation of a terminal diagram with reference to the Circuit Diagram
  • How to virtually add cables and connect those to the 3D objects, Obtain the to and from information, calculation of the cable length, calculation of cable tray fill factor, and the cable list report.”

Who should attend:

  • Electrical system designers and engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • EDS engineers

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