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Unlocking Project Success with E&I Electrical Designer: Maximizing Project Deliverables for Optimal Results

There are several tools available for design and drafting. But it is challenging to have a single platform for Design as well as project planning and monitoring the data and workflow. Hence Standalone E&I Electrical Designer makes it possible, and there is no need to look for other tools.

These industry-proven methods–reinforced in this webinar can improve your global collaborative design processes, and help to deliver the benefits you’re expecting in faster time to market, increased productivity and lower costs.
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In this short but intensive 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

✔️  Generate the Deliverables such as BOM and Cable Lists automatically
✔️  Get Insight of the Key Features
✔️  Integration between different drawings
✔️  Automatic, Easy Customizable Report Creation
✔️  Management of entire project lifecycle and much more

Standalone E&I Designer is All-in-One platform thus it saves IT infrastructure costs, Engineering Costs & Time.


E&I Electrical Designer Team: Technical Product Specialist, ITandFactory GmbH (a subsidiary of Neilsoft Group)

Electrical and Instrumentation engineering experience for industrial projects, Control Panel estimation and design. Having a thorough knowledge of Electrical Engineering deliverables for detailed design engineering work.

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