Electrical & Instrumentation Designer

Intelligent Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering Solution with Expert Support Team

CADISON E&I Designer is a brainchild of unparalleled engineering experience and technological expertise of Electrical Engineers & Developers
based on Object Oriented Technology. It has been developed with a mission of improving the electrical engineering efficiency and focusing more on project lifecycle challenges like change management, centralized documentation process, real-time updates, and true unification of information & data with graphics.
Scalability and customization are two important pillars of CADISON E&I Designer with which its adoption to your business model and system becomes easy and effortless. Our mission is the accomplishment of accuracy, speed and in-time project completion for our Users.

HOW CADISON Team has something different to Offer


Understand the business Industry & Sector Wise

We understand that every industry is different and faces unique and constantly evolving challenges. Our solution has been developed as per the industry specific needs and required capabilities that deliver the flexibility and scalability you need for your distinctive industry. Our solution caters to every segment with overall effective impact on project performance and ROI.

Configure & Customize For the best solution

We are aware and value that every business has its own way of working and business goals. We have been witnessing various, ever evolving needs & technology trends that have pushed the boundary of previous possibilities. Thus, CADISON E&I Designer has been designed in such a way that its unique features are customizable to one’s own company standards. We believe in offering you the best solution which can fit your requirements.

Support Team Availability For challenges & issues

Our helpdesks have a precise aim; to provide optimal support to our users. This helps to increase efficiency even further, as “down times” are reduced. We strongly believe in the newest of technologies and procedures for User Support. Nowadays, a good and reliable helpdesk is more important than ever in the success of your company. We offer quality technical support and services to our users – online and offline, including special training programs to suit the specific requirements of an individual.

Smart Features & Capabilities

Improved Productivity

  • Perfect Combination of Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering- No dependency on multiple tools, saves time & cost
  • Can easily get configured to one’s company standards and its business model
  • Built-in intelligence to auto-suggests the next cable tray component for routing based on the current drawing status
  • Easy drag and drop functionality for quick 2D and 3D layout
  • Perform sizing calculations without creating electrical schematics

Enhanced Design Quality

  • Customizable Logic analyzer – a built-in quality checking tool for the design process at the object, drawing and project level
  • Intelligent extraction of 2D Section views from 3D model
  • Automated tagging system, legend table creation and report generation
  • Built-in Revision control & change management capability
  • Automatic & Multilingual Report generation – Datasheets, BOM, MTO, Cable schedule and Cable tray list, etc.
  • Built-in Engineering and Sizing Calculations( cable, transformer, battery & Earthing) for Basic Engineering

Market Ready Approach

  • Gets easily and quickly implemented on new or existing projects
  • Easy to learn and use as its platform based on AutoCAD
  • Easy conversion of CADISON E&I drawings to AutoCAD and .nwd files to open in Navisworks for review and clash detection
  • An external document management system is not required, as the software has built-in features for revision control, user access and workflow management
  • Comes with Centralized Object Database, hence eliminates the need of additional database server(s)

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